Devin Brown

Devin Brown

Devin Brown

Ambassador & Peer Educator, Speak Out/Kaiser Family Foundation, Savannah State University


Devin Brown is a Certified Peer Educator at Savannah State University and Certified HIV Test Counselor for the Department of Public Health in the State of Georgia. In the past few years, Devin has volunteered with AIDS Resource Center Ohio (Equitas Health) as a Test Counselor and worked on the Mpowerment Project entitled “A.B.B.A” (Aspiring Beyond Believe and Adversity), where he worked with the community in education on HIV prevention and retention of care with those dealing with HIV. Devin attended Clark State Community in Springfield, Ohio, where obtained his Associate’s Degree in Applied Science with a concentration in Social Science. After a year and a half, working in mental health and substance abuse as case manager, he decided to move from Ohio to Georgia to finish his BSW and follow his passion in assisting those who are living with HIV. Since moving to Georgia, Devin has utilized his skills with the Savannah State University Minority Serving Institution/Partnership with Community Based Organizations Know to Live Project. The Know to Live Project’s goal is to prevent and reduce substance abuse (SA) and transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) among at-risk African American young adults (ages 18-24) on campus and in the City of Savannah, Georgia. Devin also works with the Department of Public Health’s Coastal and Southeast Districts as a Speak Out Ambassador assisting in identifying black MSMs and educating our rural communities. Devin is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and lives in Savannah, GA.


Positively Sexy: A workshop about being HIV-Positive, Healthy and Sex Positive
“Sex Positivity” is conveyed as a broad ideology that all sex, as long as it is healthy and consensual is a good. Within the LGBTQ community, we experience stigma when it comes to having personal preferences within our sexual lives. There are common misconceptions about the term “sex positivity” that needs to be broken. Though this term was coined as feminist term to debunk the shame of women and the ability to have pleasurable sexual activities, it is not solely a term that is used just for women. Sex positivity enables all genders to seek better understanding of their own sexuality to engage in healthy sexual relations of their own affirmation without judgment as long as it is consensual. During this session, we will explore:

Terms used against a HIV-positive person when describing their sexual preference,

“Slut-shamming”: Breaking the barriers in language we use against people are having sexual experience out of the “norm,”

and more.